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Telesplit is designed to quickly extract samples from VGM files for game audio research and isolating individual channels for musicians that perform live covers/remixes.
A completely client-side version of the original Telesplit (2017) Featuring fast decoding using wasm and a fun mini-DAW for live playback/waveform slicing. Try loading one of your favorite tracks and muting individual channels using right-click or 1-8 on the keyboard!
All processing is done in browser memory - no more stale .wav files clogging up your hard drive to get that perfect sample.

⚠️This is an early build of Telesplit!⚠️
  • ui selection quirks
  • not tested on mobile

💛🦇⚡ love to batlab crew, theshizz, robby v, 68krew, j$, pnc, rreverser, retro game audio, monstervision, wide flank, dirtywave, hexawe, 8bc, tctd, gotc
Spacebar - Toggle play/pause
L key - Toggle loop selection
+/- or scroll wheel - Zoom
1-8 keys or right click - Mute individual channels
Arrow left/right - Adjust selection start (0.01sec)
Ctrl + Arrow left/right - Adjust selection end (0.01sec)

ZX Spectrum/Amstrad CPC .ay
Gameboy .gbs
Genesis/Megadrive .gym
TG-16/PC-Engine .hes
NES/Famicom .nsf/.nsfe
Atari/POKEY .sap
Multi-format .vgm/.vgz
(not working) MSX (no FM) .kss
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